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Life is a Game Of Gratitude

Life is a Game Of Gratitude
August 29, 2016 ahdora

Be Grateful.

What you appreciate…appreciates. What you focus on grows. It is easy to focus on all the things that haven’t happened in your life, and forget all the brilliant things that HAVE happened.

At the start of each year, I write down all the things I planned to do the previous year, and what I actually accomplished. The aim is not to beat myself up for what wasn’t done, but to be thankful for what was done, and look at how to improve in the coming year. Even if it’s only one thing accomplished on the list, I choose to view it as progressive.

Don’t take your progress for granted. If you place valuable attention on the things that give you peace of mind, happiness and love, they will naturally increase, because you become aware of them and you subconsciously gravitate towards building on them. If you spend time focusing only on the bad things, you will inevitably lead yourself towards a dark path of frustration, regret, and stress. The reality is that the world owes you nothing, and if you get something positive, you must acknowledge it and use it as motivation to ‘chi’ other positive things your way. It’s great to work hard, and work smart, but there’s a certain level of positive energy that will move things in your favor, and open your mind to seeing opportunities in places that other people see drought.

Yes. The Economy is tough. But, remember to be Grateful for how far you’ve come.

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