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The Octagon: Finding Solutions To Nigeria’s Problems

The Octagon: Finding Solutions To Nigeria’s Problems
September 1, 2016 ahdora

Together with my friend and CEO of Gr8an, Akinlabi Akinbulumo aka. Mr Phisha, we recently launched The Octagon – a platform aimed at cataloguing insightful conversations between people involved in business or running high impact projects. Each of these conversations happen with eight people who have been preselected and brought together into a room. The pre-selection criteria of the eight octagon guests are based either on area of expertise or simply their ability to share opinions on a particular subject matter. These conversations are first held within closed rooms and then shared with the public for further discussions.

The idea for this platform came from understanding that every day, high value conversations occur between closed groups of people around the country and considering how impactful these conversations would be if shared with a larger audience who have been seeking clarity on such topics.

With the Octagon, simple conversations can become a spring board to creating great businesses, business strategy or efficient processes.

The approach of this platform focuses on discussions where each participant active or passive seeks to look for the truth in what others are saying and linking it to their own understandings. We believe that it is this thinking that will assist in bringing out the true solutions to the peculiar challenges we face in businesses, projects and society at large.

Some of the conversations we’ve had over the past few weeks include:

We’ve had some pretty amazing People in our Octagon Rooms.



Personally, I find the conversations insightful, and educative. I have certainly learned new ways of thinking, and an understanding of the various perspectives that exist on the different subject matters discussed. One of the best parts of the Octagon is that people in the group have actually met up physically to collaborate on solving some of the problems raised in the discussions. We are certainly excited about sharing these conversations, and finding solutions collectively, as we cannot continue to blame everything on the government and ‘hope’ for better.

We’ve got some brilliant ZAP’s too!

Octagon conversations are released every Monday. You can subscribe to The Octagon on www.theoctagon.com.ng for updates on new discussions.

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