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The Bio That’s Too Long To Read
February 27, 2017 ahdora
In Bio

Adaora Mbelu-Dania is a Creative Industrialist with a passion for People, Innovation, and Impact. Born into a diverse family background, a Nigerian Father and a Sri Lankan Mother, she considers herself a world citizen. At the age of 16, Adaora represented the future of Nigeria at the Global Young Leaders Conference in Washington DC and New York, she was among 350 outstanding scholars from various countries to attend the program. She was chosen again to represent Nigeria at the Congressional Youth Leadership Conference in Vienna, Austria. She attended Northern Kentucky University, USA, where she studied Economics and Entrepreneurship and was drafted into the National Honors Scholars Society as well as the Entrepreneurship Institute Honors Committee.

At 21 years old, Adaora worked as a credit risk analyst at Citigroup, USA, before moving back to Nigeria in 2008. At 23 years old, Adaora was the Corporate Communications manager for OSMI, and managed the company’s marketing communications for the 2010 World Cup. She then became the Assistant Project Manager for Nigerian Idol, and Project Manager for the Television show, Nigeria’s Got Talent where she was responsible for managing all aspects of the show – business and production. Since then Adaora has worked on projects across various industries. Some of these projects include; The United Nations World Tourism Organization conference, Nigeria Centenary Awards 2014, Presidential Democracy Day event with former President Goodluck Jonathan, International Conference on Peace and Security (with 28 World Leaders in attendance), Copa Lagos, and X Factor Nigeria. She is currently a Director at A2 Creative, a Media, Brand & Communications Company with subsidiaries operating in the creative sector.

Adaora has held leadership positions as far back as college where she was President of the African Students Association, and Vice President of the International Students union at her campus. In 2011 she was named ‘Promising Young Entrepreneur’ in the MTV/MTN Meets Project, she was also named in the ‘Top 30 Under 30’ list by FAB Magazine. Adaora was nominated in the ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ category at the 2012 Future Awards, as well as in the “Media Enterprise” Category at the 2016 Future Awards Africa. She has spoken at Ted X PH City, New Media Conference, and also been profiled on Under40CEO’s. Adaora was recently featured on Entrepreneur Magazines, “11 African Entrepreneurs who are changing the Business Landscape.”

Aside from her academic and professional accomplishments, Adaora has a passion for learning and teaching, as well as nurturing and building dreams. She was project manager of the team that coordinated the Athletes in Diaspora Community Interventions project, a foundation led by NFL players of Nigerian descent giving back to the community. She has also worked with Volunteers of America as a supported living specialist for people with Developmental Disabilities. Adaora recently coordinated the building of self-sufficient toilets in Rural communities in Lagos. She is Founder of Socially Africa, a social enterprise platform that nurtures and promotes giving back to people and communities in need.

In 2016, Adaora launched A2Hub – a 30 seater training space in Lagos that serves as a conduit to pass knowledge on to people.

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  1. Ife 7 months ago

    *phew* Impressive•Inspiring•Insightful

    • Abimbola 7 months ago

      You get the feeling! PHEW!!!!!
      Totally Inspiring. Totally Light. Stirring up something in this lil’ girl… *prayer emoji*

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