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The Bio That’s Too Long To Read
February 27, 2017 ahdora
In Bio

Adaora Mbelu-Dania is currently Head Of Innovation at A2 Creative – a Trellis Group Company. Trellis group is a group of companies in the brand development and experiential marketing space that has worked on several projects across various industries, with brands such as Microsoft, Google, Sterling Bank, Union Bank, Techno Oil, Lagos State Government, Nokia, Diageo, Absolut. Trellis is also home to Nigeria’s Foremost Graffiti Artist, Osa Seven, Professional Violinist, GodwinStrings, Media Personality, Denola Grey.

Upon completion of her Bachelors Degree in Economics and Entrepreneurship, Adaora moved to Nigeria in 2008, and found that there were so many young Nigerians in the creative sector that were unable to harness their creativity and build sustainable brand/ business structures – she focused on bridging this gap. She has worked with various creative people to bring their ideas, projects, and brands to life. Adaora has a passion for innovation and a belief in the power of creativity to achieve extraordinary business results. Her experience spans across various industries, where she has gathered priceless experiences. Prior to forming Trellis Group, has worked as content director on the following projects – United Nations World Tourism Conference, Nigeria Centenary Awards, International Conference On Peace & Security. She has also worked as the project manager for Freemantle Licensed TV Shows, Nigerian Idol and Nigeria’s Got Talent, where she was responsible for managing various aspects of the show – business, brand, and production. Adaora was also the Corporate Communications Manager for OSMI during the 2010 World Cup where she managed all communications on the broadcast rights for Nigeria. Prior to moving to Nigeria, Adaora was a Credit Analyst at Citigroup, where she received an award for outstanding sales, and team spirit. In 2017, Adaora was mentioned in Entrepreneur Magazine’s “11 Africans that are changing the business landscape in Africa.” She was also Nominated in the “Entrepreneur Of The Year”  and “Prize For Media Enterprise” Categories of the Future Awards Africa. She   has been featured among Nigeria’s Under 40 CEO’s,  and Top  30 Under 30.

Aside from her academic and professional accomplishments, Adaora has a passion for learning and teaching, as well as nurturing and building dreams. She is the founder of Socially Africa (www.sociallyafrica.com), a foundation that gives back to the community through several projects, one of which is Art For A Cause. Art for a cause is a platform to inspire and educate Children using Art as the medium of Communication. Every two months, together with a team of artists and volunteers, the Socially Africa team visits a school and paints educational artwork on their walls. In addition, the team spends time with the kids, Conducts a spelling bee, Teaches the importance of Nutrition and Exercise, as well as gives out merchandise, books, bags, crayons and Drawing books to the kids. Art For A Cause has been implemented in 11 schools across Nigeria, and 1 in Sri Lanka.

Adaora believes in sharing her knowledge, and also teams operate at optimal capacity. She currently conducts brand and productivity trainings through the Decisive  Advantage Enterprise Program at Trellis and her podcast “The Ripple Effect”. She is co- founder of www.theoctagon.com.ng, a platform that seeks to raise the level of thinking by bringing professionals together to discuss solutions to the various challenges across Nigeria’s Industries.

One of Adaora’s philosophies is the importance of living a purpose driven life, and using as many of her gifts as possible. As a result, she finds several mediums to express to her creativity.

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  1. Ife 2 years ago

    *phew* Impressive•Inspiring•Insightful

    • Abimbola 2 years ago

      You get the feeling! PHEW!!!!!
      Totally Inspiring. Totally Light. Stirring up something in this lil’ girl… *prayer emoji*

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