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5 Skills Needed To Become A Public Relations Expert – Nike Fagbule

5 Skills Needed To Become A Public Relations Expert – Nike Fagbule
June 21, 2017 ahdora
In Life, Mind

Public relations is about reputation- the result of what you do, what you say, and what others say about you. The reputation of any brand is vital to its survival. While good reputation encourages growth and maximum profit, a bad reputation ruins a brand. Where others cannot manage their reputation and project their brands the best way possible, they resort to hiring a public relations expert to do the job.

A public relations person is an almost indispensable individual in the business world. He/ She is a projector and protector of brands or images, crisis manager, and creator of a favourable working relationship between a brand and its publics.

Even though the position of the public relations person is very crucial, it is necessary for him to be fortified with skills that will enable him to function properly in the field.


Communication is part of what forms the core of human existence. People share codes, meanings, thoughts, and feelings through communication. So also, the public relations expert should be able to communicate ideas clearly to the intended audience. More importantly, he should be a good listener.


The duty of a public relations expert is not limited to writing press releases. Like a journalist, he/ she should be able to write for the various media. For instance, the way you write for Linda Ikeji’s blog or Pulse is not the same language for Vanguard newspaper or Channels television. The mediums are different. Your writing ability is his identity. If you fail to appeal with his pen, he may lose his identity.


The public relations expert should know something about everything, and everything about something. He should know about his clients- their background, history, and the markets they operate in. His knowledge of his clients will help him to succeed at the task set before him.


Thinking outside the box has bailed many people out of the most difficult situations. There are times when new approaches should be introduced in order to measure up, and beat expectations; creativity becomes the next point of call. The public relations expert should be creative in writing and should be able to cook up new ways through which brands can be better managed. During a crisis, the public relations expert seeks creative ways of dealing with the condition set before him.


The most successful people today have failed at some points in their lives. Their stories changed because they tried again. Failing at one public relations campaign does not mean it will always be like that. Embracing the challenge and moving on is what counts.


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