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Lost, and not Found

Lost, and not Found
June 4, 2017 ahdora

I have a serious problem that I plan to fix this year. I’ve written several unpublished books. It’s a serious problem because most people struggle to finish writing a book, and I’ve finished writing three – ALL Unpublished.  Last year, I told myself that I’d finally look to publish one, and I made serious effort to edit it. I invested time each week, editing and getting excited that I was closer to my publishing goal.

About 2 months ago, I gave my MacBook out to someone who needed it, and I ensured that I copied all my files to my external drive (or so I thought). Let’s just say that my entire publishing dream came crashing down in a minute.  As I copied the files from my external drive, to my current computer, I realized that my book file was missing. I searched through all my documents to no avail. I quickly called the person who I’d given the MacBook to, and it turned out that he had cleaned out the entire drive. I was so upset – not at him….at myself, for rushing into giving out the device, instead of taking proper time out to copy all my documents.

I cried the entire evening, and told myself that I could never write that book again. Where do I start ? How do I start ? It’s definitely the worst thing that has happened to me this year. I’m finally getting over it now, and planning to write again. It may take a while for me to figure out where I want to start, but once I do, I plan to write some amazing thoughts.

Have you ever had a similar experience ? How did you get over it ?

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  1. Nwadiwe Michael 2 years ago

    So sorry you lost that much.
    I can imagine the effort put into writing them.
    Good thing is we can always go back to the source and tap into an abyss of content.
    I wish I could write and publish a book
    I actually want to but procrastination and laziness have held me back.
    Great work here on your website.
    Just started reading, hope to read more.
    Keep up the good work.

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