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Speaking is Great. Listening is Power.

Speaking is Great. Listening is Power.
June 28, 2017 ahdora

I once read an article that the average person remembers a fraction of what is said to them. In this era of technology, and multiple tabs being open in our minds, it’s difficult to focus on what people are saying. While they’re speaking, you’re thinking about the email that needs to be replied. You may be wondering what’s new on Instagram, and you’re simultaneously preparing for your Skype meeting. All this is going on in your head, while someone is pouring out information/knowledge that they have carefully sat down to plan and discuss with you. The moment they’re done, you’re ready to speak, and it’s easy to do because it doesn’t always require you need to listen to what they had previously shared. Sometimes it just requires you starting a brand new discussion.

Listening is a Skill, that must be deliberately learned. It requires remaining in the moment that you’re in and concentrating on every single detail of the conversation. Listening takes time, patience, hard work, discipline. You have to apply brakes and slow down to actually listen to what is being said. Listening is hard, but it is Power. If we listened more, we would probably have fewer misunderstandings and a happier world.

Listen More, and You’ll find answers to your many questions.

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