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Where’s Your Focus ?

Where’s Your Focus ?
June 14, 2017 ahdora

No matter what the world says, or what you think you are, It will never change the fact that you were created for a purpose. Many people never realize this purpose.

Stop focusing on your environment, Stop focusing on what you’re going through at this very moment, Stop worrying about tomorrow, Stop giving yourself excuses as to why that great thing is not for you, Stop playing the victim, Stop throwing pity parties, Stop focusing on all the bad people around you. Stop …. Just Stop.




Focus on Dreaming again. Focus on the Vision. Focus on the Mission. Focus on all the things you want for yourself. Focus on who God wants you to be. Focus on who He made you to be. Focus on all that you can possibly be. Focus on the fact that you’re alive. Focus on the blessings you have. Focus on the good people around you. Focus on living your life again. Focus on loving your life again. Focus on giving. Focus on your bright future.

Whatever you do, Just Focus…. on the good things.



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