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Allow yourself to Grow

Allow yourself to Grow
July 29, 2017 ahdora
One of the big challenges of building a business that is not solely reliant on you. A business that isn’t a sole proprietorship…. is that you’ll always have people that want to deal with you alone, even when you have a full team and employee base. While it’s tempting to step into situations and manage them, I have learned to stay out of the situation. I remove myself because each person on my team has shown competency and can handle the situation. The more I stay involved, the harder it is for me to do other amazing things. Growth means I cannot be doing the same work I was doing 5-10 years ago. Growth means I will turn down work where the client insists that I must be involved – Unless, of course, they’re compensating for my personal time. Growth also means having your team produce great work without you.

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