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Don’t Be Afraid To Evolve

Don’t Be Afraid To Evolve
July 16, 2017 ahdora

I allow myself a certain level of Flexibility. (Actually Alot). It is in this flexibility that I have explored many amazing opportunities, Built beautiful relationships, Let go of certain friendships, Learned alot about myself, and remained honest.
The tough part about evolving is that you have to deal with many hurt feelings and upset people. I mean “Who are you to change your mind? That’s Selfish”. You’re making tough decisions…”I don’t want to be friends with you”, “I don’t want to work with you anymore “, “I know I said I liked Arsenal, but I like Liverpool now”, “I no longer like to Smoke”, “I said I’d never been a musician, but that’s what I want to be now”, “I know I said social media sucks, but I love it now”, “I said I’d never speak to them again, but I am now”.

A few people will call you “Indecisive” because your position no longer pleases them. The Flipside is…You will be Happy and Honest.
There are too many people walking around frustrated – Afraid to let the world know that something has changed – They’ve changed. They don’t want. They don’t like. They won’t do.
Listen. Allow yourself to Evolve. You are not a Stone, You are a Flower.

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