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Stop Waiting To Use Your Gift

Stop Waiting To Use Your Gift
July 29, 2017 ahdora
Many people wait till they “Make it” first…and then they start to drop wisdom about what and how to do things – it’s the easier route because anything you say pretty much goes. They give us throwback photos and state boldly how they stayed determined. Personally, I like to share the Full Journey- not the highlight reel. Here’s the thing though Knowledge and wisdom aren’t restricted to those who “make it”. Ever met that Preacher/Prophet that doesn’t have much, but is charged with God given wisdom, and walks around solving problems? Do you think Jesus made it first before he started to share and do mighty things?
If you’re a woman with a message about how to handle children, and you don’t have children yet…SHARE. If your gift is to teach about wealth creation, and you aren’t wealthy yet, SHARE. If your gift is about Entrepreneurship and you don’t have a thriving business yet, SHARE.  The key in all of this is to make sure that you apply Wisdom and Understanding.
God has given you a gift, you better use it. Stop waiting till you make it. Share the message you have been given.

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