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Consistency Trumps Strategy (Pun Intended)

Consistency Trumps Strategy (Pun Intended)
August 30, 2017 ahdora
I first started watching Game Of Thrones about 4 years ago. I bought this Box Set and would try  to introduce it to everyone I met. I’d tell the amazing stories in the series and the response I’d get is…”It’s not really my type of show.” I couldn’t understand why people didn’t attempt to watch it before debunking it as boring. Fast Forward to 2017, and the excitement for the show reminds me of the two rules at Coca-Cola.
1. Don’t Change The Formula
2. Don’t Change The Brand.
The brand consistency extends across every medium, every advertisement, every package.
The Creators of Game Of Thrones could’ve given up because the Buzz wasnt this intense. But..they SAW IT THROUGH. They kept moving because…#VISIONARIES.
CONSISTENCY protects your investment. CONSISTENCY builds on previous success. Your Brand may not be for everyone at the start, but remain Consistent with your delivery, and you’ll be shocked at the Loyalty that you can build.
There’s too much short sightedness in our world, and the Patient, Persistent ones will continue to WIN.

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