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Intentional Living

Intentional Living
September 20, 2017 ahdora

Last Night, I shared 2 throwback photos, so that I could share a very important message this morning. The Understanding and Power of INTENT. God is an Intentional God. Jeremiah 1:5 “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, and before you were born I consecrated you; I appointed you a prophet to the nations.” Your relationship with God isnt based on how many times you attend church, How much you pray, or whether you can quote the Bible. God is Merciful and Mighty. He has chosen every single one of us. But just wants us to choose Him too. He knows our Hearts. You can be the most sinful person and youll still be extremely important to God and have a relationship with Him. However, there may be Levels to this. (Not in the way youre thinking). The level changes when you intentionally choose Him. As you get closer to God, its not as though He gives you extra blessings. It’s more a case of, The Holy Spirit’s prayer for you to the Father conforms with His purpose for you. The Spirit ensures that you’re properly discerning His will. And that will give you security, peace and confidence as you make decisions in your life. It’s like the lifting of a Veil.
A friend recently commented on one of my posts and said “I love how you connect your dots”. It was such a simple but profound message. Personally, I have lots of stories from my childhood till date that clearly show me that God is intentional. Every single thing Ive been, and done – every opportunity, every win, every loss, every rough time, has been Intentional. It is a combination of these things that make my journey.
Many people struggle to find Purpose. God is the Giver of Purpose. Your purpose is probably right under your nose, but you cant see it because you haven’t made a deliberate choice to be Intentional in your devotion to God. Again, its not about going to your religious place of worship, doing Worship challenges, Fasting, and all of that. God loves those things. But He wants Your HEART. You have to show this through your thoughts, and actions. It will transform your life.
Everything that I say, is with Intent. Everything that I do, is with Intent. Every thing that I am, is Intentional.

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