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Stop The Hustle, Start Living

Stop The Hustle, Start Living
September 20, 2017 ahdora
I learned this lesson a few years ago. Ive shared a few nuggets on @Fab.ng- Link to Full Article is in my Bio.
One of the things I pride myself on is “being a do-er”. I am the person who gets out of a meeting and moves right into execution mode. I can’t sit and strategize for too long because I’m always itchy to action my ideas and produce results. However, I also have learned how to Chill the *French Word* down, and breathe before I move. Creativity and Ambition are a double-edged sword, and it’s important to know how to handle.
The Hustlers Creed states that you have to work hard, obsessively, wake up early, stay alert 24/7, and knock your goals to the ground, because that instagram post says “Successful people are those who stay up while the rest of the world sleeps”. The hustle mentality is promising, because it lures you with all the promises of quick success, and greatness, and you’re #Winning.  Hustle sells us you the idea of being “self-made”, it doesn’t tell you the truth which is that every success story has multiple hands, and people who shared their time, knowledge, and resources. You become completely absent in other aspects your life, and you’re struggling to sustain your business and relationships, but the Hustler mentality is so sweet, because it fills you with an adrenalin rush.
I am of the school of thought that the Hustle mentality is pure Ego at work – unadulterated, messy Ego, that drags you down into a hole of confusion and loneliness. Sadly, this is the life of many people in today’s world.
When you’re asked how you’re doing, there is absolutely nothing cool about saying, “Nothing much. Just on the Hustle.” This is a sure fire way to crash mentally, physically, and emotionally. The problem with making hustling the primary way to express your creativity is that you cant be full or content, because it will make you feel in limbo or left behind. It’s quite interesting how many people have allowed one word to completely control their lives. One word has so much authority to constantly remind you to bust your ass and make sure that no one gets in your way.

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