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My Expertise

This is my personal website where I share Knowledge, Inspiration and My Entrepreneurial Journey.


I’ve been Featured

It took me a while to truly enjoy being recognized for my work, but it’s pretty cool.


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Let’s learn together as I share my knowledge, experiences and latest news

  • Today is A Gift, It’s called The Present.

    Today, I Walked into an early Birthday Gift..With the following message: 1.…

  • Little League, Big League

    Many young entrepreneurs want to work with big companies, without understanding what…

  • Stop Waiting To Use Your Gift

    Many people wait till they “Make it” first…and then they start to…

  • Be Kind

    Recently, I was at my friend’s studio to get some work done……

  • Allow yourself to Grow

    One of the big challenges of building a business that is not…

  • Disconnect From Toxic Friendships

    Friendship is a choice. This year, I turned my toxic friendships into…

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