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“Talented, ambitious and fiercely creative Adaora Mbelu is leading the charge in the new wave of young, female, media entrepreneurs.”


Leading Ladies Africa

“It’s been a blessing to have an amazing person like Ahdora to look up to. Thank you for being an unquantifiable source of inspiration. In fact your IG handle has become my daily port of call. I am making tremendous improvements because of some of the things I’ve learn’t from you.”



“I’ve worked closely with you for 6 Years, and you’ve constantly been that person who stretches me and pulls me out of my comfort zone to achieve more. You are a strong woman who carries her team along, and a leader who motivates and inspires everyone around her.”



“Keep running with the vision God has given you! You are touching lives in ways you can’t even imagine. God Bless you.



“I get to see the behind the scenes of the amazing work you put out, and the amazing words you share with others. The truth is, it is much more fascinating seeing the creation process. You are authentic! You are an Inspiration!”



“Your page is a Mini Business School!”


“I want to start by saying thank you so much for taking time out to come talk to us at TFAA entrepreneurship class. Your talk was the highlight of the day for me. You totally debunked all of the things I had heard about entrepreneurship and following your dreams in general. The honesty and simplicity in which it was delivered left me in awe. It was a privilege to have been a part of that class, and I am indeed grateful to you for knocking some sense into my head!”