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Posts tagged with ‘Courage’

  • Stop Waiting To Use Your Gift

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    Many people wait till they “Make it” first…and then they start to drop wisdom about what and how to do…

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  • Stay Up

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    Hey Kids, Times may be tough. Times may be frustrating. Times may be rough. But you cannot let it get…

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  • “B” is for Backspace.


    “After a Backspace comes a lie”. This is not always true, but in many cases it is. As humans, we…

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  • They Started before you…So What ?

    1 Comment

    Starting First does not guarantee success. And even where you think it guarantees success, it should never stop you from…

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  • The Struggle


    My son dislikes plantain. He also dislikes Jollof Rice. How a Nigerian can dislike these two things, beats me. But,…

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